CBD oil and me.

Best dern "snake oil" I've ever tried

Early in the summer of 2020, a time when storefront businesses were closed, when we were in lock-down, I dusted off my bicycle and headed to some bike paths. Now, my experience with biking is pretty solid on city streets. I lived in Chicago for several years and biked everywhere I needed to go - in all weather. Long story short, as I descended a small hill going fast enough to feel dangerously invincible, I shouted, “woohoo!” And then I saw the sharp right turn at the bottom. Some life flashing, quick decisions, I took a flying dismount off my bike into the weeds. Tucked and rolled, and first contact with the ground was the back of my wrist (and hip, and, shoulder, and knee…). At this point, it really hurt, but it didn’t look deformed so I was adamant that it was sprained. After my friend peeled me off the pavement and my wrist was piled with ice as I sat propped and tucked on a sofa, I felt I was freezing. My legs, body and arms were rigorously shaking. I insisted that I was cold, maybe a little shock, but another blanket was what I needed. I was given a blanket, but I was also offered North Lakes Hemp 500mg CBD oil to try and clam the convulsing. Now, I realize that the FDA hasn’t had enough scientific studies to verify benefits from CBD. So according to them it could be “snake oil.” Well, “snake oil” or real benefit I can’t confirm, but I can confirm that in about 10 minutes after taking the oil the convulsing stopped and I could think of something else, like how I was going to use the bathroom with one arm damaged and I was wearing jeans…

I waited until the next day to go to urgent care, I mean, we were deep into the COVID-19 pandemic, I didn’t even know where to go if it wasn’t COVID related. X-rays came back and it turned out that I didn’t just break my wrist, I destroyed it. This required surgery and an implant of a titanium plate and several staple things. I’d never had surgery beyond dental surgery before, let alone anesthesia. I was told people get nauseous after surgery and when the nerve block wears off the pain is unimaginable without serious narcotics. Although I learned they add an anti-nausea ingredient during anesthesia, better safe than sorry I figured and had the NLH CBD oil handy. After surgery I was told to take the maximum dosage of the narcotic for at least the first dose and then determine my pain needs from there. I fell victim to the fear of pain and took the prescribed narcotic, but I thought the max dose would be excessive for me, as an individual who doesn’t typically take OTC medications of any kind. I definitely felt nothing in my body after a couple half doses of the narcotic, but the hangover the next day was worse than any pain I felt in my arm and wrist. Nauseous, body ache, like I had really tied one on the night before. But I hadn’t, I took half dose of what I was prescribed.

That’s when I tried the CBD oil I was given for the nausea and pain. I wasn’t leaping over fences, but I did feel like death had gone home for the day.

I’m also an individual who struggles with depression. Again, scientific studies have not satisfied the FDA. I discovered that when the downward spiral is speeding up my mood levels off to a functional mode after taking a CBD dose. If they discover CBD really is just “snake oil,” fine. It doesn’t cause harm and it works for me.

Another affect of these days of COVID is I’ve started consistently not sleeping well, or at all. Meditation has always helped, but not all night. I’ve started taking one dose of the NLH CBD oil 1,000mg before bed. I’m having dreams again and sleeping through the night (regardless of how loud my dog snores).

The taste was admittedly something I wasn’t prepared for. Full self-disclosure, I’ve never been a marijuana smoker or eater. I prefer the mint flavored oil, but the undertow “earthy” still comes through. Doesn’t last long, but when I expected a taste like mint syrup and instead I tasted, you know, exactly what it is, hemp CBD, I looked confused like when my dog licked a lemon. It’s a full spectrum oil and after I let it sit in a puddle under my tongue for 20 seconds it has a whiskey-type warmth as the rest passes down my throat. Still doesn’t last long, but knowing the taste to expect I think helps one accept it better.

Beyond my personal experiences, I’ve been to NLH (North Lakes Hemp) farm, everyone involved in the processing works with integrity, from growing to bottling. Sure, I’ve had great results using NLH CBD oil, but knowing how the company takes pride in what they produce I recommend with full conviction of the quality of NLH CBD oil.

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